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United Kingdom

Country:    United Kingdom
Continent:    Europe  ( West Europe )
Official name:    United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Government:    Parliamentary democracy with constitutional monarch
Capital:    London
Flag:    illustration_549
Country code:    GB                         (Code ISO 3166 Alpha-2)
Country code:    GBR                       (Code ISO 3166 Alpha-3)
Languages:    English
Currency name:    United Kingdom Pounds
Currency code:    GBP
Calling Code:    International Calling Code:     
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       information       USEFULS COUNCILS - ( CONSEILS UTILES )

       While on your trip, you need an Emergency Numbers in this foreign country                         see below
                     ( En ce pays voici les numéros utiles d´urgence )

       Information for your electrical medical devices             see below
                    ( Information en élétricité pour vos appareils médicaux )

electrical  ELECTICAL SYSTEMS   electrical
Information on the electrical systems in use in this country.
( Information sur le système éléctrique en usage dans ce pays )

 Electric power  ( Puissance voltage ) :  A.C. 50c 220/240V
 Electrical Plugs   ( Fiches et prises ) :  G

information             See Plug information

Useful and Emergency Numbers
in this country



    national   National:

telephon    112 or 999

    police   Police:

telephon    ?

    fire   Fire:

telephon    ?

    ambulance   Ambulance:

telephon    ?

    others   Others:

     999 for Police; Ambulance; Fire.



       information       USEFULS COUNCILS for Patient and
( CONSEILS UTILES pour les utilisateurs d'oxygène )

link to air transport compagny  Information about Air transportation( Information au sujet des Cie Aérienne )

Always consult your doctor before flying. Pack enough meds for the whole trip and carry them in your hand-carried onboard luggage. Never put them in checked luggage! In most cases, the airlines have specific policies that outline these services. Ask to the Air transportation compagny for specific information about .

( Prenez avec vous assez de médicaments pour le voyage entier et gardez les avec vous dans vos baggages à mains. Ne jamais les mettre avec les baggages en soute! Dans la plupart des cas, les lignes aériennes ont des politiques spécifiques qui décrivent ces services. Renseignez vous auprès des compagnies. )

Information pour les personnes cardiaques en cabine présurisée.

       information       Please read this useful study:
"Evaluation and Management of the Cardiovascular Patient Embarking on Air Travel"
by Stephen E. Possick, MD, and Michele Barry, MD

format adobe.pdf

(Adobe File Format; size: 122 KB)

Air Charter Service ACS Surrey, England    
Air Contractors Dublin, Ireland    
Air Wales Cardiff, Wales AWW 6G
Airfreight Express West Drayton, Middlesex, England AFX 5Z Glasgow, Scotland ELD  
Antonov Airlines - Air Foyle Heavy Lift Herts UPA GS
Astraeus Crawley, England AEU  
Aurigny Air Services Guernsey AUR GR
BAC Express Airlines London, England RPX  
bmi British Midland Derbyshire BMA BD
bmibaby Derbyshire BMA WW
Britannia Airways Luton, Bedfordshire BAL BY
British Airways London, England BAW BA
British Mediterranean Airways London, England LAJ KJ
Channel Express Bournemouth EXS LS
Coyne Airways London, England COY 7C
Eastern airways Kirmington EZE T3
easyJet Bedfordshire EZY U2
Emerald Airways Liverpool, England JEM  
Excel Airways Crawley XLA JN
First Choice Airways Manchester, England AMM DP
Flightline Southend On Sea, Essex FLT B5
fly europa Stansted, Sussex FEE  
Flybe British European Exeter BEE BE Edinburgh, Scotland    
GB Airways Gatwick GBL GT
HeavyLift Cargo Stansted HLA NP
Jet2 Leeds   LS
KLM uk Stansted BUZ UK
Loganair Glasgow, Scotland LOG LC
Monarch Airlines Luton, Bedfordshire MON ZB
Oxford Air Services Kidlington, Oxford, England    
Rockhopper Alderney, Channel Islands    
Scot Airways Cambridge, Scotland SAY CB
Titan Airways Stansted AWC  
Virgin Atlantic West Sussex VIR VS

       information       See All informations on anothers Airport and IATA codes in this country
        ( Voir les codes aeroport des villes dans ce pays )

Medical Guidelines for Airline Travel

The global increase in air travel brings a significant increase in older passengers and passengers with illness. Patients frequently seek advice as to whether they should fly and what precautions to take.

Physicians need to understand the world of commercial flight, environmental and physiological stresses, and vaccination requirements in order to properly advise patients.

Up-to-date guidelines concerning specific medical conditions are provided in
        information             Medical Guidelines for Airline Travel, 2nd Edition
(Adobe File Format; size: 224 KB), courtesy of the Air Transport Medicine Committee of the AsMA, published May 2003.

This document can be viewed online or downloaded for viewing and printing using Adobe Acrobat® Reader. Acrobat® Reader may be obtained for free from the Adobe web site by following the link below.
Get acrobat

hospital heart and coeur   Hospital information by city   hospital heart and coeur

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