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    Cardiopathies & Cardiologie - FORUM - Congenital heart defects & Cardiology
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    - Opération Erwann massy
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    - Joyeux anniversaire Flore-Anne!
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    - Re: Hôpital Jacques Cartier à Massy.
    - Re: Tetralogie de Fallot + petit bébé
    - Re: Hôpital Jacques Cartier à Massy.
    - Information Urgente de Sécurité Pacemakers Percepta; CRT-P MRI SureScan; et Percepta; Quad CRT-P MRI SureScan
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    - Chelate, Chelating Agents
    - Re: Information regarding correction of CHD
    - Re: NEW FORUM for congenital heart defects
    - Information regarding correction of CHD
    - Re: NEW FORUM for congenital heart defects

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