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Heart and Coeur
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a Happy Easter

April 2007

Happy Easter

    Welcome to the Heart and Coeur, monthly email newsletter.

    We wanted to take this opportunity to wish you a Happy Easter to everybody, may the joy of Easter fill our hearts with love for all.

    We would like as well to express our appreciation for the continued support you have given to the website "www.heartandcoeur.com".

    We hope you'll find it handy and informative when you plan your next visit to Heart and Coeur!

    The Newsletter of Heart and Coeur is a free electronic current awareness service alerting readers to new electronic information resources available in cardiology. It is published by the Office of Heart and Coeur.

    The Heart and Coeur association (www.heartandcoeur.com) provides reliable information, help to families and children,support services and resources to families of children with congenital defects and acquired heart disease, adults with congenital heart defects, we maintain a commitment to providing resources that are accurate and reliable.

DAUMAL Christian
President Founder of the Heart and Coeur' association


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[April 2007] -  FORUMS

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[April 2007] -  Cardiology News in the World

  • Heart News
    Heart News: Each day additional Cardiology News in the world

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[April 2007] -  Travel with your Heart

Useful and emergency number, hospital list (hospital, clinic, center of care ...for cardiology, heart lung, blood...) in the world
Travel with your heart. We would like that you can take the time to visit and hope that you will browse our site to learn more about our free services we provide.
Please feel free to contact us for updating additional information.
In this section you will find a list of locations. To start, click on a continent you are closest to from the list. You will then find the page that contains countries. Click on a country to get all the information about this.
e.g.: Click on Europe ==> country: France ==> hospital (yellow area): france We need your help to updating this free service for all. (use the form or e-mail on Travel with your heart page).
Our goal is to enhance each patient's quality of life by a good information in each country. Thank you for your help for all.

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[April 2007] -  Le World Search Engine in Cardiology

  • World Search Engine in Cardiology

  • The World Search Engine in Cardiology is now the first Europeen directory web site, with a precise criteria of selection for cardiology's websites in general and of all its derivatives and adjacent professions.

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[April 2007] -  Celebrity in Cardiology (Men & Women)

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[April 2007] -  Explanations by pictures

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[April 2007] -  The Garden of our small stars

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[April 2007] -  Heart and Coeur PostCards.

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