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Subject :     baby has a transposition of the great vessels

Posted by Didimo Martrus 
 Sujet : baby has a transposition of the great vessels      
Auteur: Didimo Martrus
Good afternoon,

Our names are Didimo Martrus and Katty Cervantes Martrus parents of Piero Martrus 29 days old, we are desperate, our baby has a transposition of the great vessels of the heart, this condition is not operable in our country, we have tried to get help but we made it difficult to this way, we come to you in desperation, we know this is costly (do not have many resources), so we ask you to give us a special price on the cost of this intervention, here I will move heaven and earth to get this money, please help us, I know that you have many cases, but our baby has only few weeks if he does not get the surgery.

Our son only has a life of couple of months expectancy without operation, that is why We are desesperate.

Hopefully God will hear this message and you, and is to convey to the people who can help us with this case.


Didimo Martrus
 Sujet : Re: baby has a transposition of the great vessels      
Auteur: Jianfeng Hou
if you could go to china, the cost will not so much as you think!
But firstly, I must know the detailed TGA informaions, such as cardiac echo and especially needed the cardioangiography. You can send them to
My e_mail hjf2006111@163.com.
Jianfeng Hou M.D.&Ph.D.
Department of surgery, Fuwai hospital PUMC&CAMS

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