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Subject :     Recurrent Pericarditis

Posted by Siciliana 
 Sujet : Recurrent Pericarditis      
Auteur: Siciliana
I am an otherwise healthy 52-year-old female patient with recurrent pericarditis. I've had 4 episodes in 2.5 years. Each episode occurred about 2 weeks after there was an assault on my system. Here's what has been associated with each instance of pericarditis--an infection (not near my heart), the flu, the flu shot, and a botox skin test. I'm told my episodes aren't typical in terms of duration and frequency. I also have more fatigue compared to other patients (so I'm told). I don't have TB or a detectible autoimmune disorder.

The medications help but are not working well enough. 600 mg ibuprofen 3x/day and colchicine .6 mg 2x/day. 14 days of this treatment, and I still have chest pains and shortness of breath with a little bit of exertion. I'm not able to work.

Does anyone have any creative ideas for me? If you have any anecdotal evidence, I would appreciate hearing that as well.

Thank you.

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